Software Engineer & Web Developer

Work Experience

Lecturer, DCI Digital Career Institute GmbH

DCI, Digital career institute : people can learn there the newest web development technologies to prepare them to German Work Market

I am working there as a Lecturer

Start Date : 10.08.2018

End Date : Until now

Web development Freelancer


I decided to switch to Node js and I worked as a freelancer for small to medium companies and I am still working as Freelancer

Start Date : 01.11.2015

End Date : 03.08.2018

Dot Net Programmer in Drtek

Drtek is an IT solution in Turkey. it offers IT solutions for small to big companies

I worked there also as a web programmer and my task was to find the best complete the software for our clients, for example, websites, web systems, web services, security systems

Start Date : 01.02.2014

End Date : 03.10.2015

Dot Net Programmer in Ipnordic

Ipnordic is a communication solution company in Denmark which offers innovative and intelligent telephone solutions to the business community

I worked there as a back-end programmer to create services for the customers.

Start Date : 02.11.2013

End Date : 01.05.2014

Education Experience

Computer Science Institute

I studied computer science for two years in computer science institute at Aleppo University in Syria.

Graduation Degree: 78,15

Start Date : 01.04.2004

End Date : 25.07.2006

Bachelor Information Technology

I studied 4 years in the Syrian Virtual University and I got a Bachelor Degree in IT.

Graduation Degree: 75.76

Start Date : 01.11.2007

End Date : 05.10.2011



What I Do as a Web Developer

I have a big experience in the following tasks from my old works and from working as Freelancer

  •   Work in a development team to develop integrated Web applications.
  •   Perform design and development of web based services and applications.
  •   Work closely with quality assurance team to ensure delivery of high quality and reliable web applications.
  •   Develop databases including queries, triggers and stored procedures.
  •   Monitor application performance at post-deployment stage and make necessary changes if needed.
  •   Interact with customers to define project features and requirements.
  •   Research and develop prototypes of complicated design solutions.
  •   Perform code reviews and provide necessary corrections.
  •   Develop coding guidelines for the Web development team.
  •   Perform application design, development and deployment based on industry’s best practices.
  •  Resolve application defects and issues in a timely manner.
  •  Prepare technical documents as per established project standards.
  •  Conduct application testing based on test cases and test plans.
  •  Works collaboratively with Project Manager to ensure timely delivery of project.
  •  Coordinate with Business Analysts and Test Analysts to ensure that the developed application meets technical requirements and client needs.


my favorite hobby is to create robots because I can convert my all skills and experience to an independent unit with its own functions. It is like watching my programs moving.

I use Arduino for the electronic part with other electronic components and I design the mechanical parts using 3d designing programs then I print them with a 3d printer. I write the software using C++ and I upload it to Arduino board using Arduino IDE.

Here are my favorite robots:

CNC Writing bot

It is a robot uses a CNC with a pen to write or draw.

I am trying to develop this robot to make it simulate human writing so what my idea is to make someone write with some smartpen ( this pen already exists) and that pen is connected to the computer and my software will analyze the way that user wrote then it will make the robot writes like the user.

I am also trying to extend parts for this robot to make engrave machine with laser

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Spider Robot

Spider robot with six feet and it ultrasonic sensor to detect if there is something in front of him so it will turn and try to not crash with that thing

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